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2018-04-10 15:20:32
The Proper Way to Feng Shui

It is of utmost importance
For a home to feel welcoming and have the correct flow. At the foundation of this notion is the art of feng shui – literally
“wind” and “water” in Chinese – and the basic elements of the Earth. These essentials of nature work in harmony with
one another, as should the layout of a house and its contents.

Achieving the proper energy is particularly critical in the arrangement of the bedroom, the bath, and the kitchen. Focusing on these three rooms specifically can help attain balance in a home.

Promote Sweet Dreams
It is called a bedroom for a reason: Where we lay our head is the most important component of that space in the home. Take a cue from the name and focus on the idea of rest. Following the tenets of feng shui, televisions and cell
phones have no place in your ing quarters.

That being said, the position of the bed within the room is key. For a feeling of safety and security, it should be placed as far from the door as possible, while still allowing an unobstructed view of the entrance to the room when drifting off to .

Further, the bed’s structure itself should take certain ancient concepts into consideration. Wood, for example, is thought to be an ideal material for a headboard as it is solid and sturdy – keeping one grounded. Likewise, it is best not to have a footboard, which may block the flow of positivity and impede its free circulation.

Symmetry is also a chief feng shui principle. Placing a nightstand on either side of the bed promotes balance and proportion. Select furniture items such as these with care; soft, rounded edges are preferable to sharp corners and right angles.

Create a Personal Oasis
Hopping into a refreshing shower in the morning and lounging in a soothing, bubbly tub at night are fantastic ways to start your day and close out the evening. Since water signifies money in feng shui, these daily rituals hold much power and deep symbolism. Adding a small fountain to the space is the perfect means of introducing even more of this element of the home, aside from the pleasant trickling sounds that will contribute to the spa-like atmosphere.

Be sure to keep any windows clean and sparkling, allowing as much natural light in as possible, for maximum exposure to the benefits of the sun. Windows, like doors, are gateways for the flow of chi, or “life force,” so having a clear path is crucial.

A plant on the vanity or beside the basin is a welcome touch – and one that additionally improves air purity, which is helpful in establishing the right vibe as well. Palms and ferns are outstanding options to help generate a lush, positive environment.

Follow a Recipe for Happiness
As the heart of the home, the kitchen is the perfect place to employ some of the most elementary beliefs of Feng Shui. The family gathers here to prepare meals and share conversation, so it stands to reason that space should reflect balance to ensure a happy home.

Keeping the counters free of clutter is a major step in achieving harmony. The simpler and neater, the better. The kitchen will not only look more appealing when cleared of unnecessary odds and ends, it will also serve the chef more efficiently, making for a highly functioning space.

Overall, the room should feel airy and spacious, with light and color playing important roles in setting the mood. Yellow is traditionally an excellent hue choice, as exposure to it boosts serotonin levels in the body while providing a hospitable glow.

Incorporating fresh flowers into the room is another great strategy for promoting health and joy. An arranged bouquet
instantly ups the positivity of the room with its scent, visual appeal, and burst of color.

With the basic philosophies of feng shui as inspiration in planning your living space, you are embarking on a path
that fosters health, prosperity, and happiness in your home. Here’s to more of each in the coming year!

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